Date: 9/15/2008

Gif Generously


Want to make your own animated gifs?

It's a lot easier than you might think, using only your phone..

Generally you'll need a full javascript-enabled browser like Opera Mobile, although you can do some stuff with Opera Mini or UCWeb (yes, I know they have javascript, but they won't open pop-ups on some sites). By the way, if you fancy making animated text like the title above - or in a variety of different Ef1.gif, colours and fonts, go to 3D Text Maker, and yes, you can use Opera Mini for that one nod.GIF

Ok - to make a really simple slideshow-type animated gif that runs: pic(pause)pic(pause)pic etc. like the ones I use for my themes (see the 'My Best Nokia Theme' blog for an example of this type of gif), go to the Animation Wizard - and respekt.GIF to the site creator Marcel, who's a great guy - upload up to 9 images, then click 'create my animation', save the result and you're sorted. Once again, you can use Opera Mini for this.

But if you want an animation that runs at a more lifelike speed go to either: GifNinja Here you can upload 5 images straight away, or upload a zip file containing many more, or Gickr Here you can upload up to 10 images and it should be noted that it's best to choose the two lower-resolution options from the drop-down box, otherwise you'll get the site logo on your animation. Now both of the sites above need either a very posh browser or a PC, neither will work in java browsers like Mini or UC (won't work in .sis UC either) but both work perfectly well with the Opera Mobile browser, and may well work with other, newer browsers.

Here's a daft one I made as an example whilst writing this blog, just to show how easy it is - I just took five photos of the ever-ready coffee mug by the side of me, moving it between each pic, uploaded the pics, and...

CAsmall.gif *laughs*, yeah I know, it's hardly the last word in animation hehe.GIF, it's just there to demonstrate that you can upload anything and just go for it... (btw, I resized the gif above so you didn't have to load a huge GPRS-eating page - normally your gif will be the same size as the image you upload, unless you use Gickr and choose the option without the logo)

Ok, you've read enough, go and have a play grin.GIF and share your creations around - you can send sliding or zooming 'Happy Birthday' animations to your family and friends, or a gif of you waving or whatever.. enjoy :)