Date: 9/15/2008

Operator Logos

Would you like to have your name at the top of your main screen with a transparent background rather than your operators logo? yes.GIF

This method is for Nokia s60v2 phones, and assumes you've already set a blank logo on your phone - if you haven't yet, go here and follow the simple instructions.

Now garion's just told a little porkie, hehe.GIF it's not a genuinely transparent background as that's a bit of a nightmare to do without a PC and a lot of software, you can do this in just a few minutes online..

Right, let's get started..Now as I said, it's not really transparent, but can you tell? grin.GIF


First you need to take a .JPG screenshot of your idle screen with the default operator logo ALREADY REMOVED, you can use the screenshot option in Fexplorer (which you'll probably need to set the logo) and you can download herebut for higher quality use Antony Pranata Screenshot - download here (181kb zipped .sis file) Now go to My Imager.comand upload your image in the box provided. Now you need to crop a 97 x 25 section from your pic in the area your new op logo will be set, so go to Edit then Crop and the page will refresh. You now have four boxes to fill in - I'll give you the figures for each box in order:
Top Left x= 65 y= 0, Bottom Right x= 162 y= 25 then click 'submit'. Now you've got a little oplogo-sized section of your theme pic, all you need to do is add your name.. click on Effects then Text and the page will refresh. The options you're now presented with are largely a matter of personal taste, but I'll fill you in on the ones you need to change: obviously the Text: is up to you - enter your name or whatever you want on your logo, Size: 17, Angle: 0, Font choose from the drop-down box, Color: choose your COLOUR ('cos I'm English) in hex form - if you're totally confused about what hex values relate to which colours, download this very useful pic which has all the numbers overlaid on top of the actual colours: Hextable, if you can't be bothered with that, be advised that the 'FFFFFF' already entered in the box is white, and '000000' would be black, Alignment: - horizontal: centre, vertical: middle, H Shift: 0, V Shift: 5, then click 'submit'. YOU'VE FINISHED! hurray.GIF Save your finished image, and after having a bit of a breather and a cup of tea grin.GIF set your hand-crafted masterpiece using Fexplorers 'set as operator logo' function, or use Oplogoman or whatever and enjoy :)

Notes: For the best quality, it's worth clicking on 'optimize/jpg quality/100%' before saving, and if your theme idle screen is made with a .png image, it'd be worth converting your logo to a .png too - you can do so quickly and simply at Media Convert