Date: 1/25/2009

I Have the Touch..

When I got my wonderful HTC Touch Dual I was horrified by the incredibly boring grey Homescreen; I mean this phone has a beautiful big, crisp full colour display, so what's THAT all about?

Well fear not good people, there IS something you can do about it, in fact a number of things..

Check out the images below - at the top left is the default HTC Homescreen..


on the right is a modification I made using the Emunutz Home Customizer which you can download free here, at the bottom left is a Homescreen from the iFonz app which you can download (also free)here and finally, on the bottom right you have the one I'm currently using - Throttle Launcher which is available here. With this one you have to download monthly licences, but they're free too. hurray.GIF

But garion, you may well ask - what tempted you to buy it when it looks so rank? lol.GIF. Well my sis had one quite a while ago and I just loved the weight and feel of it, plus the fact that in addition to the touchscreen there was also a slide-out mobile type keypad. There are thousands of apps available for it, and masses of fantastic games, some of which are flickering past below


In conclusion: this is without doubt the most capable mobile device I've ever owned and copes admirably with anything I can throw at it - it'll do virtually anything your desktop PC would (well, apart from burning cds, playing dvds and so forth, but you know what I mean) the thing is - you have to get rid of the greyness, and now you can..